Venue and Parking

The Lake Lanier Olympic Rowing Center in Gainesville, Georgia. The venue is approximately one hour and 15 minutes north of downtown Atlanta.

Caution – Travel through Atlanta and on the I-85, I-75, and I-285 Interstate on Friday afternoons is very congested.  If you are going through Atlanta to Gainesville it is suggested to schedule your through time no later than 2:00p.m. Friday afternoon or after 7:00p.m. Friday evening.  MapQuest or other computer mapping Websites may be able to suggest alternative routing.

For hotel/motel room rates and availability information, contact the Gainesville-Hall County Convention and Visitors Bureau 1-888-536-0005. Hotels along the Gainesville exits of Interstate 985 and downtown Gainesville are closest to the venue.  In addition, hotels near the Mall of Georgia, Interstate 85 - Exit 115, or Interstate 985 - Exit 4, are within 20 minutes of the venue.

John Hunter Regatta Parking Information

GENERAL PARKING/$10 – Straight Past Venue on Left

Please have your $10 ready (exact change is appreciated) and follow directions into the lot.

No parking will be allowed along Clark’s Bridge Road. This policy will be strictly enforced by the police officials and cars will be towed if necessary

Shuttle Bus, Athlete, Tent City & Handicap Drop-Off ONLY- After drop-off, please exit the lot and proceed to your destination. Turn right for General Parking ($10)

Handicap, VIP, and Vendor Parking -– Please proceed into the lot and park in the designated parking spaces. Please DO NOT block the Shuttle bus pathway/turnaround.

Volunteer Parking

John Hunter Regatta organizing committee, volunteers, vendors, and security personnel, must have a Volunteer Parking pass to park on site. Passes will be checked and unauthorized vehicles will be towed. 

TRAILER, COACH AND REFEREE PARKING (Dock Side) – Once you’ve entered the lot, please follow parking attendant’s directions.

Boat Storage
Boat trailers can be parked in the parking lot area in the vicinity of the launching docks. Boat trees will not be available and storage of boats is at your own risk. The LOC cannot be responsible for improper boat storage.


On Friday, March 23th, buses may pull into the main parking drop off area, and park in the designated area as directed by the parking attendants.  

On race day, buses will again pull into the main parking drop off area. Buses may be permitted to park in the main parking lot area or if space is not available, directed to return to their hotel until passenger pickup is requested by the team.

Athlete Bus Pickup
Buses will follow the same traffic pattern for pick up as the drop off instructions. Please follow the directions of the traffic control persons at the venue.

Bus drivers wishing to return to the venue area during the day should make arrangements with their team coaches or managers.